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Explore Our Journey in Logistics and Discover Our Commitment to Success Together.

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Building Success in Logistics
- Unlocking Delivery Driver Jobs in the UK

At Skilled Solutions (SKSO), we’re more than just a logistics company; we’re a dedicated team of industry experts with over five years of experience. Founded by logistics veterans Dan and Garth in 2018, SKSO has rapidly grown into a trusted partner for nationwide carriers like Amazon Logistics, DPD, and more.

Our success is rooted in the values of honesty, fairness, and equality, which underpin every aspect of our operations. With a strategic presence across six locations spanning Essex, London, Kent, and West Sussex, SKSO is committed to creating opportunities for drivers and delivering success together in the ever-evolving world of logistics.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the logistics industry through precision, fostering strong partnerships, and empowering drivers for mutual growth. Together, we drive progress and create a pathway to success.

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We believe in the power of human connections

Our core values of honesty, fairness, and equality are the cornerstones of our operations. Explore our mission and objectives below to understand our commitment to excellence in logistics.

Core Values

Our foundation is built on honesty, fairness, and equality. We uphold these values in every interaction and partnership.

Vision & Objectives

We aspire to redefine logistics excellence through innovation, sustainability, and empowering our drivers for mutual growth.

"Joining SKSO was like joining a family. The team is incredibly supportive, and the consistent work has given me the stability I needed. Love being part of this!"

Emma Johnson Leeds

"I was thoroughly impressed by the SKSO delivery person who handled my parcel. Their professionalism and punctuality reflect positively on the company's commitment to quality service."

Mr. James Williams Bristol

"SKSO rocks! Seriously, they've made my life as a delivery driver a breeze. Loads of work, great support, and the team's just cool. Couldn't ask for more!"

Alex Smith Glasgow
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Meet Our Dual Experts in Logistics and HR Management

Dan and Garth, the founders of Skilled Solutions (SKSO), each offer unique expertise, with over two decades of combined experience in logistics and HR management. Their leadership has driven SKSO’s success.