Insights from a Seasoned Multi-Drop Delivery Driver- Getting Through Hard Times and Loving Independence

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Are you thinking about becoming a multi-drop delivery driver? It’s fun to drive on different roads and bring packages to homes and businesses in this job, but it also has its share of problems. Before you start this job, let’s look more closely at what an experienced multi-drop delivery driver who has been driving for over 25 years and four of those years with Blue Arrow has to say.

The Experience of the Driver

As a career change, our experienced driver, let’s call him Alex, became a multi-drop delivery driver. He wanted a fresh start and more job choices. As part of his present job, he has to move clinical waste and samples over longer distances between stops.

What’s Best and Worst

What Alex likes most about being a multi-drop delivery driver is being able to do his own thing and meet new people while seeing new places. He does say, though, that the job is hard sometimes because of things like how other cars act and how tricky it is to drive on city streets.

Delivery man in van while customer sign in clipboard.

Ways of Dealing

Alex stresses how important it is to always be aware, be patient, and keep your mind on the job at hand when driving in busy cities. He also keeps his mind busy by listening to talk radio or music on the way to and from work. This helps break up long drives.

Taking Care of Your Health

A healthy diet and fighting tiredness are important parts of Alex’s daily practice. He packs his own lunch to avoid eating bad fast food and make sure he has enough energy for the day. He makes getting a good night’s sleep a priority and sticks to a strict schedule to start his day early.

Tips and Skills

Alex thinks that his job as a delivery driver has taught him patience and good conversation skills that will help him in any job. He tells people who want to be delivery drivers to be self-motivated and ready for both easy and hard days. Alex says that part of the job’s appeal is that it’s hard to plan for.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Based on what Alex said, here are some mistakes that people who want to become multi-drop delivery drivers often make:

  1. Underestimating the Mental and Physical Demands: The job needs mental and physical stamina all the time, even for short distances.
  2. Not Sticking to a Healthy Routine: A healthy diet, regular sleep routine, and regular physical activity are all important for long-term health.
  3. Not Seeing How Important Patience Is: It’s important to be patient, especially when dealing with traffic, other drivers, and problems that come up out of the blue on the road.
  4. Not Following Safety Rules: Safety should always come first. This means following the rules of the road, keeping the car in good shape, and making sure your own safety while making runs.


In conclusion, being a multi-drop delivery driver gives you a unique mix of freedom, obstacles, and chances to grow as a person and as a worker. If you know what the job entails and listen to experienced drivers like Alex, you can make smart choices and start a fulfilling career path.

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